This past presidential election was groundbreaking. Instead of a lifelong politician, we have a lifelong businessman in office. But let's not get too carried away. What's that you say? Michael Moore wants the Rock to do what?

Michael Moore says the Republicans had a television star run for president and win, so why couldn't that work for the Democrats?

Michael Moore Wants the Rock to Run for President in 2020

Michael Moore Wants the Rock, The Rock for President, Dwayne Johnson

Per the Smokeroom:

“One thing the Democrats didn’t understand is that Trump is a beloved TV star,” Moore told Variety in a recent interview. “I’ve had this question now for almost 20 years–Why don’t the Democrats run Tom Hanks? Why doesn’t Oprah run?”

“Why don’t we run someone that’s beloved by the American people? Democrats always shy away from Hollywood, and I always say to them, ‘Really? Because out where I live, people love Hollywood! They love the movies. They love stars,'” Moore continued.

“The Republicans run Reagan, they run Schwarzenegger. Gopher from ‘The Love Boat’ was elected to Congress in Iowa. They run Sonny Bono. Why don’t the Democrats run somebody that people love?”

He does make a few points. Why don't the Dems choose somebody to run that people love? That's a great question. Instead they chose someone who was almost unanimously hated by the masses. Bernie Sanders gave her a run for her money, based largely on the fact that he came off as a good, likable guy. He may be a total idiot who pushes failed concepts, but he won a lot of people over regardless.

“Run the Rock! Run the Rock,” Moore told Variety. “Who do you want for commander in chief? I want the f**king Rock! It would scare anybody that would hurt us. Think about how safe we would be if the Rock was president,” he continued. “Or Liam Neeson, but Liam Neeson can’t run because our Constitution says you have to be born here. So who’s the American Liam Neeson that we could run? Because nobody would f**k with him.”

This is where Michael Moore forgets that we are in real life and not a movie. He's clearly off the rails at this point. Don't get me wrong, the Rock showed great charisma and toughness during his run as "The People's Champ" but let's not forget....that was all scripted. What is the gonna do, drop "The People's Elbow" on Kim Jong Un?

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is a very talented dude and has rounded himself into an incredible actor. But the suggestion that he would make a great president or even would entertain that notion is laughable. He was Hollywood's highest paid actor in 2016, knocking down 2016. Not everyone is willing to walk away from boatloads of cash like President Trump did.

This definitely points to a much larger issue for the Democratic Party. They have absolutely no idea who will attempt to de-throne President Trump in 2020.

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