Last night in a speech at the Golden Globe, Meryl Streep attacked Donald Trump. The President-elect did not let us down and returned fire on Twitter.

Trump Responds

Donald Trump has stated time and time again that he was not mocking a disabled person. Additionally, why do these Hollywood movie stars think that the common man or woman cares about her stance on political issues? It is well known that Hollywood goes left. There is nothing that can change that. If he is the best president of all-time, 8 years later there will still be movie stars slinging mud at Donald Trump. The good thing is that in the most recent election it was proven that no one cares what the stars have to say about these issues. Hillary Clinton lined up superstar after superstar at her rallies. They paled in comparison when it comes to attendance. Trump's rallies destroyed Hillary's rallies. The average person was sick of Hillary's lies.

The media will turn Trump calling Streep "overrated" into a hate crime, when it's not. It's simply someone making a statement about something that, in the grand scheme of things, makes very little. Donald Trump holds people accountable when they make statements like Meryl Streep did. There is nothing wrong with that.

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