The Clinton News Network (CNN) thought they could attack Donald Trump's wife Melania. Wrong. Melania Trump shuts down Anderson Cooper.

When Anderson sat down with Melania, he was clearly looking to pounce on a vulnerable situation. He even posed a question about the women claiming Donald assaulted them.

Melania squashed this question before it even got off the ground.

“I believe my husband. I believe my husband. This was all organized from the opposition. And with the details that they got – did they ever check the background of these women? They don’t have any facts.

While Melania clearly does not look forward to handling the media, she knows how to take care of business. Also she had her husband's back when it comes to the Billy Bush incident. Bush was egging Trump and she knows it. On top of that, she at least let her husband know that the language he used was unacceptable. While she has voiced her displeasure, she has not deserted him due to an isolated incident. Remember, in different situations Donald defended Melania.

Everyone needs to see this video to see what it means for a wife to have her  husband's back. Please like and share on Facebook if you like to see Melania have Donald's back.

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