While her husband is building a border wall between Mexico and the United States, Melania Trump appears on Vanity Fair Mexico. Check it out.

Melania Trump on Vanity Fair

Melania Trump Appears on Vanity Fair Mexico!, border wall, modelThis was reported by a tweet that was sent out by Vanity Fair. She will be on the February edition of Vanity Fair Mexico edition. The photo shows her twirling  jewels with a fork. Under her photo it shows her name and says “es la NUEVA JACKIE KENNEDY" which translates to "the new Jackie Kennedy."

It's certainly an odd time to release a magazine with this cover in Mexico. Just yesterday, the President of Mexico cancelled a meeting with Melania's husband, President Donald Trump.

As soon as the meeting was cancelled, the value of the peso plummeted. President Trump insists that he will charge a 20% tax on Mexican imports. This is to make sure that they pay for the wall.

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