Everyone is on the anti-Comey bandwagon. Meghan McCain rips the disgraced former FBI Director James Comey on national TV Monday. She ripped Comey for bringing politics into the Hillary Clinton email investigation. She also claims he only wrote his book to "settle scores."

“The problem with James Comey is that he can’t decide what he is. Is he this boy scout defending the FBI or is he a media personality?” the co-host of The View asked.

Per The Hill:

“He clearly loves the media,” McCain said. “And that’s fine if you want to do what we do. But it’s not if you are the head of the FBI.”

Earlier in the segment, McCain summarized her issue with the former FBI Director thusly:

“The problem with James Comey is he can’t decide what he is. Is he a boy scout defending the FBI…or is he a media personality and a highly political animal?”

It’s a question she’ll get to ask Comey later in the week.

“He’s coming on [The View] Wednesday,” McCain said. “Congratulations. We’re all gonna filet you.”


The book has not "cleared the air" as Comey hoped. He is now on his $1,000 per ticket book tour and still, no one likes him. By basically admitting that Hillary Clinton's standing in the polls impacted his email investigation he has turned almost everyone against him.

That's how James Comey will be remembered. He executed law and order based on the presidential polling. Not the legacy he was hoping for.

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