Just when you think Maxine Waters can't get any worse, she does. The far left congresswoman is completely off her rocker.

While at an urban housing event, she went on a ran about how the Kremlin loves our American president.

The insane Waters also claimed that Trump has committed "obstruction of justice" and she also claims he should be impeached. Much like the rest of the delusional left she cited "possible collusion" with Russia.


Per The American Mirror:

She theorized Russia wanted to elect Trump so he would lift sanctions to allow Russia to drill for oil in the Arctic.

President Obama created the sanctions. She claimed Trump “hates” Obama.

“I want to tell you they absolutely hacked our Democratic National Committee—absolutely did that,” she told the audience to cheers.

“RT, which is Russian television, absolutely interfered with a speech of mine on the floor of Congress and blocked me out for 10 minutes,” she bellowed, as a woman in the audience gasped, “What?!?”

“They don’t play. They mean business,” Waters declared.

She was referring to an incident last January when C-SPAN briefly showed RT on its Internet feed. The TV broadcast wasn’t affected.

C-SPAN blamed the moment on an “internal routing error.”

Maxine Waters is out of her mind and is not going to get any better for her. Check out some of the responses on Twitter:

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