We're not saying she is or isn't, we're simply asking the question. In this video when she asks for diplomacy with North Korea, you have to wonder, is Maxine Waters drunk in this video?

“I want us to be very careful, and I want us to be alert to what is happening to avoid war,” she said during an interview with TMZ. “And so I think we can do this with some diplomacy.”

Even worse, Waters suggested catering to the demands of North Korea. This would be in order to avoid war.

“I do believe North Korea is interesting threats but I think there are some things they want from us,” Waters continued. “And we have to find out whether or not we can work with them on the things that they are asking for.”

“This is not the time to go bluffing or threatening,” she stressed. “This is time for diplomacy.”

Is Maxine Waters Drunk?


Let's not make light of the fact that she is one of the figureheads of the Democratic Party. Has she completely ignored what has went down with North Korea for her entire life? There's no being rationale with Kim Jong Un. The guy is completely out of his mind. And so is Maxine Waters.

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