Do-nothing Congresswoman Maxine Waters continues to spew out nonsense. All while living in a $4.5 million Los Angeles mansion on a Congress salary. She does all of this while not even living in the poverty-stricken district she represents.

Despite not doing any of the work her job actually entails, she still finds time to spout off nonsense. It would be insane for Auntie Maxine to call anyone stupid, but she didn't call just anyone stupid.

While appearing on MSNBC's "AM Joy," she said Ben Carson doesn't have the "intelligence" to be the HUD secretary.

She seriously said this. Check it out.

Maxine Waters Insults the Intelligence of Neurosurgeon Ben Carson

Recently she wrote a hate-filled letter to President Trump where she demanded answers as to why he was considering moving homeless people off the streets in California.

Carson responded to this by saying Waters lacked "basic manners." Apparently that did not go unnoticed as Waters decided to take a shot at Carson while on the liberal echo-chamber MSNBC.

Perhaps Auntie Maxine is angry that Ben Carson has accomplished more in politics in three years than she has in over 40 years.

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Maxine Waters does a media tour every so often just to make sure everyone doesn't forget about her. A better move would be for her to just go away and hope people forget about what a disaster her district is.



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