Before you get any further into this article, let me give you a fair warning, the details are pretty disgusting.

This incident involved a Maryland man who is facing a number of charges related to an incident after he attacked a woman with a dirty syringe.

Police believe that there are likely more victims than just this woman and are hoping more women come forward before this case goes before the court.

Back in February, the police updated their Facebook post with their horrific discovery of what was inside the syringe:

"Anne Arundel County Police Department learned that the substance in the tested syringes was semen. Additional testing and investigation are under way. Detectives believe there may be additional victims who have yet to report similar incidents. This investigation is extremely active additional charges may be applicable. Anyone with any information is asked to call Southern District at 410-222-1960 or the TipLine 410-222-4700.

On February 18, 2020 we were notified of an assault that occurred in the entrance vestibule of 5570 Shady Side Road in Churchton, Maryland. An adult female reported she was assaulted by an unknown suspect with what is believed to be a syringe. Video surveillance from the business was pulled and a white male approximately 50 years old is seen walking near the victim. The suspect leans into, and assaults the victim.

On February 25, 2019 detectives received a tip identifying a potential suspect. Through investigative means, Detectives were able to positively identify the suspect as Thomas Bryon Stemen of Churchton, Maryland. Stemen was placed under arrest where he was charged with 1st, and 2nd Degree Assault and Reckless Endangerment."

According to Capital Gazette,

District Court Judge John P. McKenna mandated that the blood of Thomas Byron Stemen “be tested for the presence of HIV and any other identified causative agents of AIDS and Hepatitis C.” His order followed a request by the State’s Attorney’s Office on behalf of the woman, who submitted a letter to the same effect, which was ordered sealed by McKenna.

Stemen faces numerous assault and related charges related to the Feb. 18 attack. The 51-year-old is alleged to have stabbed the woman in the buttocks with a syringe, after stalking and attempting to do the same to two others. Police later found a number of syringes in Stemen’s vehicle. Tests of the substance loaded in the syringes revealed it was semen.

What can we do to change this mentality where people feel that it is the right thing to do to do something like this?

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