There is a sexual assault and harassment epidemic in Hollywood. It was ignited by Harvey Weinstein's actions. As a result, awareness campaigns (like #MeToo) and many, many complaints of sexual misconduct have popped up.

That's not to say something isn't needed to be done about this issue. But when there is so much emphasis on sexual harassment, this could result in some disastrous outcomes. You can't just follow the left's narrative of "believe all women." We learned that in the Duke lacrosse case. Another thing to worry about is what the general public views as "sexual harassment."

Let's expand on what the general public perceives as "sexual harassment." There was some polling done by YouGov that revealed some startling information on this issue. A disturbing number of young adults, male and female find compliments about a woman's looks or an invite to get a drink from a man as types of sexual harassment.

More, per Daily Wire:

The survey posed the question: "Would you consider it sexual harassment if a man, who was not a romantic partner, did the following to a woman?"

Stunningly, over 1/3 of those polled ranging in age from 18-30 (male and female) said a man "commenting on attractiveness" would "always" or "usually" be a form of sexual harassment.

When it came to asking a woman out for a drink, about one in four young males and about 12.5% of young females said it would "always" or "usually" be a form of sexual harassment. For reference, those polled in Sweden, Germany, and the U.K., all polled around 0% for this particular hypothetical.

Additionally, about 50% of young men and woman considered a man looking at a woman's breasts to be "always" or "usually" sexual harassment.

This is dangerous stuff: watering-down real sexual harassment (when everything is sexual harassment, then nothing is sexual harassment) and potentially driving a wedge further between the sexes.

For more on the survey, click here.

This is a very dangerous situation. With the way the left is pushing this hysteria, it could get a lot worse before it gets better.

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