If you need an idea of how bad Trump Derangement Syndrome is then check this out. A man walks into Trader Joe's and sends the left into such a frenzy. That's all he did. Walk into Trader Joe's, a grocery store, wearing a Trump shirt and people literally went insane.

Cheryl Boyles is the liberal activist and writer who melted down the worst. When she was grocery shopping with her husband and saw the man in the Trump 2020 t-shirt she started panicking. She said the entire mood of the store "shifted."

cheryl boyles

She was such a mess over the incident that she actually wrote a letter to the local paper about it. Green Valley news posted the story in August.

trader joe's trump 2020 shirt

She seriously went to a full blown anxiety attack just by seeing a Trump t-shirt. Boyles asked the cashier to report the situation to management after her and her husband were “suddenly finding ourselves in a confined space with a man who looked the part of a typical Trump terrorist.”

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This is an incredibly serious case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. Hopefully she can get this treated.

At least the Green Valley News realized how ridiculous she was. They printed 24 letters to the editor that ripped Cheryl for the ridiculousness of her letter.

There is good news about this story. Green Valley news received 50 letters to the editor about this and not a single one of them supported Cheryl.

Perhaps there is hope.

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