This is not what these thieves had in mind. A Washington man sets a trap that sends thieves running. A 12-gauge blast goes off when the thieves try to grab his expensive packages.

Jaireme Barrow, of Tacoma, Washington, was fed up with thieves stealing his expensive Jeep parts. He took action and decided he "wanted to even the playing field."

He created an incredible trap with 12-gauge shotgun blanks, fishing line, bricks, a wooden box-like, a small box, aluminum carrying vessel for the blanks, a small plate, and a cardbox box. This trap has sent many thieves running.

Watch the video.

When [the fishing line] is pulled the plate is moved releasing the pin and firing the blank,' he said to

But the original model was not fool proof, and Barrow had to make a sign that said 'Package armed,'

Nevertheless, numerous thieves can be seen being caught in the action, with one unfortunate soul even stumbling over himself trying to escape the popping.

This woman was humbled very quickly when she heard the boom as she was attempting to steal someone else's property. Now she lives forever in viral video history.

Man Sets A Trap That Sets Off Sonic Boom When

This man is the hero we all need. And it's good to see these criminals get what they deserve.

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