Major FBI Discovery

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has assured everyone time and time again that she has turned over all of her emails. Well there has been a major FBI discovery. And yes, it's time to chalk up another to the list of Hillary Clinton lies.

Major FBI Discovery

Well, there are even more emails. During the FBI investigation, they discovered 15,00 more emails. The emails have been turned over to the State Department. Uh oh Hillary.

Per The Hill, this news was revealed Monday in a federal court by government attorneys.

The only thing left to wonder about is the timing.

Per Conservative Tribune:

“FBI found almost 15,000 new Clinton documents. When will State release them?” Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton asked in a tweet. The conservative watchdog group brought the lawsuit that resulted in a judge ordering the State Department to release all of Clinton’s work-related emails during her tenure as secretary of state.

Now the agency will likely drag its feet as it works through the process of determining which documents should be released, as per the numerous Freedom of Information Act requests. Some may be of a truly personal nature, and others may be duplicates of documents already released through FOIA lawsuits.

That process has been estimated to take about a month or so, and the documents are slated to begin being released in batches beginning Oct. 14, mere weeks before the vast majority of the voting public head to the polls.

It remains to be seen exactly what is in these documents, but the fact that they were not turned over to the State Department along with the first batch of 30,000-plus work-related emails seems rather suspicious.

Sorry, Hillary. It's not over yet. They will try not to let these emails come out before the election. The public needs to demand these be seen.

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