On Wednesday, President Donald Trump had an outstanding visit to the Vatican to visit the Pope. The visit was great. Trump and the Pope shared ideas and the Pope even made some jokes at Trump's expense. The two had a photo-op. During the photo-op, the Pope did not smile. The mainstream media says the Pope refused to smile with Trump. That's fake news and we can prove it!

First, let's be frank about this photo. No matter who you are this is comedy gold. As usual, though, the left tried to twist the story to fit their narrative. They tried to make everyone believe that this photo proves that the Pope hates Trump. New York Magazine and GQ ran with this story.

This is totally fake news. Here is the proof.

Mainstream Media Says The Pope Refuses to Smile with Trump

Mainstream Media Says The Pope Refuses to Smile with Trump

The Pope was not angry the whole time he was around Trump. It just seems when he takes a formal photo he gets serious. Don't believe me? Look at t his formal photo with President Obama and John Kerry.

Obama and the pope

It's well know that President Trump and the Pope had some back and forth during the 2016 presidential campaign. They have opposing views on climate change and borders. This despite both of them being fans of walls.

Pope Francis gave President Trump a signed copy of his publication that addresses man-made climate change. Let's not forget he also gave Obama a gift when they met in 2014. A book titled Evangelii Gaudium. This book is about the disaster that is abortion.

Once again the liberal media is trying to make something out of nothing. Does this surprise anyone? Move along, nothing to see here.

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