Mainstream Media Ignores Louisiana Flood Victims

Last year, Louisiana was hit with a massive flood. It was known as a 1,000 year flood. Yet the mainstream media ignores Louisiana flood victims.

Mainstream Media Ignores Louisiana Flood Victims

Per The Free Thought Project:

Prior to the media descending into the Cajun heartland to catch drive-by scenes of death and destruction, they were here to stoke further divide after three officers were tragically gunned down. Before that, the mainstream media were here stoking divide, using the tragic killing of Alton Sterling by Baton Rouge cops as their fodder.

When there was no more hate to propagate in a community reeling from three back to back tragedies, and the media couldn’t find anyone to blame, the talking heads rolled up their cords, got into their vans, and headed to the next disaster.

Meanwhile, amazing things were happening in Southern Louisiana which most certainly deserved media coverage — yet no one was around.

Some homes are still underwater. But that did not stop people from banding together and helping everyone out. Those who did not flood helped those who did — race and political beliefs did not matter. Nor did anyone sit around and wait for the government to rush in to rescue them.

The lack of positive media coverage has sparked a firestorm of outrage by people who’ve had unwanted cameras shoved in their faces during several weeks of hard times. And, one Baton Rouge attorney, in particular, wrote a scathing open letter to the mainstream media in response.

Louisiana could use the mainstream media to report on this. The exposure would spark talk and result in fundraising that they could desperately use.

Since the mainstream media is not helping, it is our job to help spread the message. The goal is to get Louisiana the attention they need and help them get the support they are in desperate need of.

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