Mad and Bitter Romney Goes After President Trump

Utah Senator and failed Presidential candidate Mitt Romney is probably regretting his decision to side with the Democrats in his vote for wanting to call additional witnesses during the impeachment trial. Now he's just so bitter that he's got to take it out on someone, and of course, he decided to attack President Trump.

In a recent piece from the New York Times, Senator Romney was touted as being a "decent, honorable man" by former President Joe Biden.

Not only is he complimented by one Democrat, but even another Presidential candidate, Senator Amy Klobuchar said, “I think this is Senator Romney’s moment to shine. Hopefully, he can bring some people with him.” She was speaking of calling for additional witnesses in the trial.

Honestly though what does that say about a Republican when he is applauded by supported by Democrats? That's the first ingredient of RINO soup.

At the end of the interview, the New York Times quotes Romney saying, “You go back to my campaigns. I sort of watch how the president reacts to his opponents, and it’s not the way I did it. But you know what? He won and I didn’t. On the other hand, he won and I didn’t but I would not have done what he’s done in order to win.”

What is it exactly that he thinks the President did that Romney wouldn't have done? He didn't collude with Russia, he didn't bribe Ukraine, he didn't do anything wrong so what's the issue?

In fact, it's Romney's fault that Obama even got a second term because he took his foot off the gas during the debates with Obama.

Of course, Romney is too much of a coward to come out and accuse the President collaborating with Russia, a myth that was debunked by Robert Mueller.

I think Romney is still sore after not getting a job inside the Trump administration so he's throwing a fit like a little kid.

One Utah state senator is even trying to recall Romney, let's hope that happens.

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