President Trump claimed TIME Magazine was considering him for "Person of the Year" and had requested an interview. The magazine denied it.

According to TIME's editors, the magazine was looking for someone entirely different to recognize with the award. It seems they were looking for someone who called for Jihad against the Trump administration and pushes for Sharia law. Why else would they push for Linda Sarsour if those weren't they were looking for in a candidate?

Per Israel National News:

…Speaking of which – Linda Sarsour.

Now there’s TIME’s most likely pick to represent 2017. She is the picture, the image of everything gone to pot over the past nearly 12 months.

TIME’s editors won’t put it that way of course. They will ascribe to her, this so-called Palestinian American, all the glories of the women’s movement, whatever that is anymore. But they do march for “equality,” of the sort we find in certain Islamic countries where all women are equally put to death for disobedience.

Like forgetting to wear that special veil, which Sarsour never forgets, even though some might say it signifies bondage rather than emancipation.

Sarsour is a leader in all that, and she is front and center in the resistance movement against Trump.

TIME’s editors love that about her. She hates Trump. What more can you ask when you are part of Old Media?

They want open borders and so does she. Bring them all in. Imagine America with millions more like Linda Sarsour?

Trump wants refugees out from places like Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Yemen for reasons of safety. They breed terrorists over there. Trump wants America kept safe.

Linda Sarsour wants them in. Those are people with which she feels most comfortable.

That’s one reason Trump won’t get this year’s nod from TIME – but perfect for Linda Sarsour.

Why would far left Linda Sarsour even be considered for something like this? This is completely insane. This is a woman who actually called for Jihad against the Trump administration.

Linda Sarsour

Linda Sarsour


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