Far left Linda Sarsour has lost it. This is not the first time reported on her insanity. Well this takes it to another level. She says, "If I want to say I'm black, I'm black."

Really she's looking to advance her career and will use any opportunity to do so. You may be wondering what her career actually is. Political activist, I guess.

Let's not forget about the time when Linda Sarsour professed she was white.


Apparently it's not enough to be just a regular white girl. The left pushes you to expand your boundaries. Now she is also black.

It's good the left finally found someone they can relate with. Someone who is completely lost and has no idea who they are or what they stand for. Many leftists believe that if you identify with someone's experiences, you can actually become one of them. Rachel Dolezal is a great example of this.

Maybe Sarsour will continue to climb the left's political power ladder by being everything. She can get the white, black and Hispanic vote by being all of these people at once. Truth is something they stopped worrying about a long time ago, so this could be an effective path to success for her.

How sad.

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