If you are pro-life you probably see abortion and murder as one in the same. Pro-choices simply see it as getting rid of something they no longer want. This shouldn't surprise you since the left simply see it as getting rid of something they don't want. Sometimes they need hit with reality, like in this video. Liberals watch abortion video and become pro-life on camera.

One would think since liberals are anti-abortion, they would at least know what it is. You'd think they are actually aware with what the actual abortion process entails. Well, they don't, as you can see on the video. Watch what happens when they get to see what the actual abortion process involves.

Liberals Watch Abortion Video and Become Pro-Life

There are many things can be learned about pro-choice liberals this video. First is that people are pro-choice by default. The natural choice people make is to not abort babies. Obviously, these people are not informed when it comes to how an abortion goes down. The video is very telling of this. Also, these people clearly have no idea when life actually begins. Finally, they somehow don't even know that the fetus is developed inside the womb.

It's very telling when you see the reactions of people learning about the entire abortion process. Before the video started they were pro-choice. Well, once they learn what being pro-choice means, they change their stance.

The left goes to great lengths to hide the truth about abortion. Why? Because people who are pro-life will get caught up in their feelings and that's a bad thing for them. They just want people thinking as little about the details as possible and to keep moving forward and supporting their agendas. If they learn about what an abortion entails, as this video proves, it can change things in a big way.

Planned Parenthood has been defunded in Iowa and hopefully other states will follow suit. Liberals, such as Chelsea Clinton, like to pretend that Planned Parenthood is a big source of women's healthcare. In actuality, they are abortion factories and do not deserve government funding.

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Hat tip: Louder with Crowder

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