I swear, it seems like liberals can't just avoid stirring up trouble and showing how absolutely despicable they are.

It wasn't even a full 24 hours after the helicopter crash before liberals started attacking Kobe Bryant. They're literally talking trash about a dead man.

There have been multiple "blue check" Twitter users who couldn't wait to cause a scene and hurt people by reminding them that Kobe Bryant was once accused of rape.

That's right...accused not convicted.

But that's not what these liberals were tweeting about. They were full-on calling Kobe a rapist.

Felicia Sonmez who is a reporter for the Washington Post tweeted a Daily Beast article titled, “Kobe Bryant’s Disturbing Rape Case: The DNA Evidence, the Accuser’s Story, and the Half-Confession.”

After thousands of people telling her to remove the tweet, she doubled down instead. “Well, THAT was eye-opening. To the 10,000 people (literally) who have commented and emailed me with abuse and death threats, please take a moment and read the story — which was written 3+ years ago, and not by me. Any public figure is worth remembering in their totality...”

“...even if that public figure is beloved and that totality unsettling. That folks are responding with rage & threats toward me (someone who didn’t even write the piece but found it well-reported) speaks volumes about the pressure people come under to stay silent in these cases.”

Since then, she has deleted her tweets pertaining to Kobe's death and she was suspended. However, that suspension was removed and it's been confirmed that she is back at work.

Sonmez wasn’t alone either, Actress Evan Rachel Wood called Bryant a “rapist.”

Danielle Campoamor who has written for the Washington Post and the New York Times characterized Bryant as a rapist as well.

Here's the thing, Kobe was never convicted for rape. If there is no conviction in court, then there is not enough evidence and therefore it's completely wrong to label him as a rapist.

Even still, this is NOT the time to bring up stuff like that. Put yourself in the shoes of the families who just lost their loved ones.

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