Hollywood megastar Bruce Willis is as big as it gets. His new movie "Death Wish" has liberal Hollywood movie critics up in arms, but it definitely looks like a winner to us.

If you check out the Rotten Tomatoes rating, you wouldn't know that this is a great movie. This is a website millions of people use to decide whether or not they should go see the movie in the theater. Rotten Tomatoes gives the movie a 16% rating. Out of 20 "top" reviews there are just two "fresh" and 18 "rotten."

The critics really, really hate this movie.

Per Daily Wire:

"It asks nothing, and offers only the blanket assertion that feelings of masculine inadequacy," an NPR critic wrote. "'The most important thing a man can do is protect his family, and I failed,' Willis declaims — can be obviated ballistically."

"It's very obvious that [director Eli] Roth doesn't really care about the film's political baggage - he just wants an excuse to have Bruce Willis shoot battery acid into a guy's sciatic nerve and watch the blood," wrote a critic at IndieWire.

"There's something distinctly odious about a storyteller exploiting both a city's tragic reality and a country's debate about firearms to make a film that thrives on violence," wrote a critic at something called Consequence of Sound.

Death Wish Trailer

Now if you want to see the other side of the coin, you need to take a look at Christian Toto's review. He is a conservative movie critic. His review of "Death Wish" is titled "ANNOY A LEFTIST, SEE WILLIS 'DEATH WISH' REMAKE (TWICE)."

Per Hollywood in Toto:

Roller coasters have nothing on director Eli Roth’s resume. Here, he delivers both the genre staples and a brisk sense of comic timing.

Joe Carnahan’s script pokes a stick at PC conventions in between darkly comic morsels. The cop on the killers’ trail (“Breaking Bad’s” Dean Norris) bites into a gluten-free snack before grimacing in disgust. A character can be seen reading C.S. Lewis, while another name drops a tome by conservative icon Milton Friedman.

Paul even curses out a squeegee man interrupting his commute. We warned you “Death Wish” had a subversive streak.

Progressive film scribes pounced on the first “Death Wish” trailer. They slammed it as fascist, racist and worst. The film itself? Paul’s good friend at the hospital is black (an underused Mike Epps). The villains staring down his increasingly accurate gun barrel? They’re black, white and Latino.

One tense sequence finds Paul coming to the rescue of a young black woman who thanks the hooded hero for saving her life.

Roth and co. shrewdly arranged these pieces to avoid charges of racism. Oh, some will raise the issue all the same. Audiences will be too busy cheering Paul on to hear them. Or care.

HiT or Miss: “Death Wish” is more than just a crass remake. It’s a blistering reminder why some movie templates never grow old.

It's amazing how people can watch the same movie and respond so different. I, for one, am definitely going to check out "Death Wish." I don't care that some liberal Hollywood movie critics that hate this movie, I have nothing in common with those people.


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