President Trump's State of the Union address was received favorably by 75% of the people who say it. Campus Reform took a trip to John Jay College to find out what students thought of Trump's State of the Union address. Plot twist: they were actually reviewing Obama's SOTU.

Even though there was a 75% approval rating (according to a CBS poll) for the address, you can't please everyone.

During their trip to John Jay College in New York City, Campus Reform talked to students who disapproved of Trump's speech. How did they describe the words Trump used? They described it as "warmongering," "immature" and "aggressive."

Little did they know that they were actually describing words that were taken from former President Barack Obama's State of the Union addresses.

Leftists Rip Trump's State Of The Union Address - WHOOPS!

How funny is that? This happens time and time again.

Mark Dice has done some excellent work exposing the stupidity of the left. He released a video where leftists believed that Trump's son killed a triceratops.

Actually this isn't the first time Campus Reform has pulled a similar prank on young leftists. Previously they presented Trump's tax plan as the Bernie Sanders tax plan. It should come as no surprise that they were huge backers of the Trump tax plan.

These are the people supporting Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. To them Trump is racist. Ask them what he says that is actually racist. "Oh you know, everything!" Ask them to give you a specific example. They will give you nothing.

They have no actual knowledge on the issues or the people who are involved with them. Instead they just agree with what their favorite celebrity said about it.

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