Let's be honest. President Trump's handshake can be a bit weird at times. That said, why is the left so obsessed with President Trump's handshakes?

Sure, there are times when Trump feels particularly strong he'll even awkwardly pat the person's hand a few times. Does he do this as a sign of dominance or just another weird thing he does? Either way, it's not going anywhere. Yet CNN and the left are still obsessed with it.

Take a look.


Another red-hot take from CNN. “So this seems to be another interaction where Macron, who seems to be the one who’s not letting go, is sending some kind of message… It was handsy!”

Yes, Trump was shaking Macron's hand and also hugging and kissing his wife at the same time. What else can be said other than the United States is lucky to have such a talented president.

How would we ever survive without the breathtaking analysis of CNN? Well, first off, most of the world is surviving without it. Don't forget their ratings are very bad. After watching this, it's pretty understandable, isn't it? Who would tune in and watch this garbage on a daily basis?

After James O'Keefe blew their cover on using Russia to pump ratings, they just don't have anything left in the holster. All CNN can do at this point is overanalyze trivial matters such as the handshake game of President Donald J. Trump, which happens to be quite strong.

In the meantime, let's look at some of the more historic handshakes of President Trump. Take it in. He truly is a master of his craft. He will shake violently for up to 30 seconds while the victim is smothered in awkwardness.

President Trump's Handshakes


President Trump gives great handshakes, fantastic handshakes. Some would say he gives the best handshakes in the world.

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