Lavar Ball is the father one of the three UCLA basketball players arrested in China. Even CNN is mad at him after he gave his stupid reason to not thank President Trump. This is despite Trump playing a huge role in getting his son home from China when he was facing ten years in jail.

On Monday night Lavar Ball appeared on CNN with host Chris Cuomo to talk about his recent beef with President Trump. He insinuated that Trump had nothing to do with his son's release from prison.


Lavar BallPer Daily Caller:

Almost immediately, the interview went from being a normal news interview to a circus show as Ball’s comments made no sense and left Cuomo confused.

Ball’s remarks were so incoherent that CNN ended up defending Trump — something the network rarely does.

“Why won’t you say thank you to the president?” Cuomo asked.

Ball responded by insinuating that because President Trump did not take his son home on Air Force One that he does not deserve a thank you.


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