Bookies in Las Vegas are very good at what they do when it comes to making the odds for bets that they're willing to give action on.

If you're not one who is familiar with the gambling world, it's more than just sports games that people bet on. People can bet on almost anything.

One of the big things going on right now is betting on the election. There is a lot of interest in it so of course the bookies are going to create some educated odds for the election.

Based on the odds that they have put forward, though they do change, right now President Trump and Joe Biden were tied in one of the spreads while Trump was leading in the others.

According to the website Vegas Election Odds, on Wednesday President Trump was tied with or leading Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden at every major Vegas election sportsbook.

The website showed Bovada displaying the two candidates tied at -110; BetOnline with Trump at-120 and Biden at +100 (Even); and My Bookie with Trump at -140 and Biden at +110.

The website, citing BetOnline, said there had been a 40-point swing in the odds toward Trump in Arizona, though Biden was still leading there, a ten-point swing toward Trump in Michigan with Biden still leading, a 210-point swing in Minnesota, where Biden was ahead, a 50-point swing toward Trump in North Carolina, and a 100-point swing toward Trump in Pennsylvania.

“Betting on which direction a state will vote has become a part of the political betting lines available on the 2020 presidential election,” Vegas Election Odds noted. “Some sportsbooks provide odds on every single state, while others may only include toss up or swing states. This makes sense as there really isn’t much risk in predicting that a solid red or blue state will vote in their typical fashion.” stated on Thursday, “The general election odds have been teetering back-and-forth all week, settling Thursday with both candidates dead even at the betting shops. Trump’s odds went down to -110 while Biden’s went up to -110 as the race is now a pick ‘em with oddsmakers.”

So some of them are saying that it's a toss-up and others are saying that President Trump will win.

It's just one more reason to believe that President Trump will win re-election.

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