Liberals believe that if unskilled workers are given more money, everything will work out fine. Even though employees at Walmart don't deserve to start out at $15 an hour, they believe it's not fair to try to live on anything less than that. Even though others have worked hard to prepare themselves for a career that starts out that much, liberals believe it should be handed out to everyone. LA makes minimum wage $15 an hour and Walmart counters in a big way.

LA Makes Minimum Wage $15 an Hour, Walmart

After minimum wage was official moved to $15 an hour in LA, Walmart closed on of its stores. Does this really surprise anyone? Well, actually it surprises those who pushed and lobbied for the minimum wage ordinance to be put in place. Does each unskilled Walmart employee deserve $31,200 per year + benefits?

Liberals are always quick to point out that it's impossible to make a living on minimum wage. Meanwhile the employers (those who pay these wages) counter that it's impossible to run a business paying under-skilled people $15 an hour when they deserve much less than that.

Walmart isn't the only corporation fighting the minimum wage demands. Remember the kiosks McDonald's put in? Despite what liberals think, not all Walmart and McDonald's employees don't deserve to start out at $15 an hour.

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