The public schools of Edina, Minnesota have long been the best among the state's best school districts. Well, that's changing. A kindergarten teacher in Minnesota is teaching about "white privilege."

A shift for Edina public schools started in 2013. At that point Edina adopted an "All for All" strategic plan. This plan shifted the mission from "academic excellence" for all students to "racial equity." So guess what has happened since this shift? The schools are going down the drain. Reading and math test scores for high schoolers are plummeting and students fear bullying and persecution increasingly.

In this instance "equity" has a very different meaning. It doesn't mean "equality" or "fairness." It is simply used in racial identity politics. Instead of preaching accountability, it blames any challenges minors face on institutional racial bias. The main goal is uprooting "white privilege."

Per Weekly Standard:

As a result, the school system’s obsession with “white privilege” now begins in kindergarten. At Edina’s Highlands Elementary School, for example, K-2 students participate in the Melanin Project. The children trace their hands, color them to reflect their skin tone, and place the cut-outs on a poster reading, “Stop thinking your skin color is better than anyone elses!-[sic] Everyone is special!”

Highlands Elementary’s new “racially conscious” elementary school principal runs a blog for the school’s community. On it, she approvingly posted pictures of Black Lives Matter propaganda and rainbow gay-pride flags—along with a picture of protesters holding a banner proclaiming “Gay Marriage Is Our Right.” On a more age-appropriate post, she recommended an A-B-C book for small children entitled A is for Activist. (Peruse the book and you find all sorts of solid-gold: “F is for Feminist,” “C is for…Creative Counter to Corporate Vultures,” and “T is for Trans.”)

At Edina High School, the equity agenda is the leading edge of a full-scale ideological reeducation campaign. A course description of an 11th-grade U.S. Literature and Composition course puts it this way: “By the end of the year, you will have . . . learned how to apply marxist [sic], feminist, post-colonial [and] psychoanalytical . . .lenses to literature.”

The primary vehicle in the indoctrination effort is a year-long English course—required of all 10th-graders—that centers, not on reading literature and enhancing writing skills, but on the politicized themes of “Colonization,” “Immigration” and “Social Constructions of Race, Class and Gender.”

So what do the students think about this? Check out this review from "Rate My Teachers." Keep in mind, this has since been deleted. Luckily for us, the internet is forever.

Kindergarten Teacher In Minnesota Public School Teaches Children About 'White Privilege'

More and more parents are uprooting their children out of this school and moving on. Orlando Flores and his wife have spoken out about why they pulled their son from Edina High School:

“Years ago, we fled Communism to escape indoctrination, absolutist thinking and restrictions on our freedom of speech. If we see these traits in our schools in America, we must speak out and oppose it.”

Additional to that, Flores said the teachers were constantly pushing their preferred politicians and political stances.

More and more schools are taking on the role of pushing the youth as far left as possible. At the expense of losing their status as the gold standard of Minnesota public school districts, Edina has instead focused on pushing the far left narrative.


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