Kid Rock set the internet on fire when he teased about a potential Michigan Senate run. Well it's no longer a joke. Kid Rock leads in a Michigan Senate poll.

According to a report, Kid Rock leads challenger, Democrat Debbie Stabenow. In the new poll, he leads 30% to 26%. Obviously, this is very early in the process, but the left better not make the same mistake of writing out a candidate because he is not a career politician. Obviously, they have went down this path once with President Donald J. Trump.

First, Kid Rock let his fans and the world know that this is a real thing on Twitter.

Just days after that, he laid out a manifesto to his Twitter followers. He put some of his core beliefs and principles in a graphic.

Now, according to a poll, he is leading in his matchup with challenger Debbie Stabenow.

Per Delphia Analytica:

On July 12th, 2017 Robert Ritchie, aka Kid Rock, confirmed his intention to run for the United States Senate seat in Michigan. His announcement sent a shock through the media and many dismissed it as a cheap publicity stunt. While Ritchie has yet to file his official documentation to seek the office, he stated his intentions on Twitter and pushed back at his critics, saying “the press is wrong.”

Debbie Stabenow is the incumbent Democratic Michigan senator who is scheduled to defend her seat in 2018. Ritchie intends to run as a Republican who would likely have to defeat a crowded primary field to challenge Stabenow.

To gauge Ritchie’s chances in a hypothetical general election matchup, Delta Analytica conducted a poll from July 14-18 of 668 Michigan residents. Of respondents who stated a preference between Debbie Stabenow and Robert Ritchie, 54% stated they would vote for Ritchie while 46% said they would vote for Debbie Stabenow. These results could indicate that Ritchie is a popular figure in Michigan, Debbie Stabenow is unpopular, or some combination of concurrent trends. The relatively large, 44%, number of undecided respondents may be due to the early stages of the campaign.

Kid Rock Leads in Michigan Senate Poll

Kid Rock Leads in Michigan Senate Poll

This publication is not the only one that gives Kid Rock more than a fighter's chance to win. Check out this excerpt from the normally far left, POLITICO:

Trump competed with 16 rivals for the Republican nomination, more than a dozen of whom were established, well-regarded, well-financed campaigners; Ritchie would enter a primary field of three little-known newcomers to partisan politics. Trump was targeted by a national network of influential donors and activists who laughed him off at first, only to mount a desperate scramble to thwart his candidacy once they realized their peril; Ritchie would face little such resistance in a state where primaries aren’t preordained by party bosses. Trump started his run with no obvious base or blueprint for victory; Ritchie would launch a campaign on the strength of his favorite-son status that cuts across socioeconomic boundaries and is particularly resonant with the president’s winning coalition of culturally conservative, populist-minded, blue-collar voters.

Kid Rock is a very popular man in Michigan. He's very deeply connected in Michigan. He has done a lot to help the entire state. Writing him off would be yet another huge mistake by the Democrats.

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