Why doesn't Kellyanne Conway get the credit she deserves for leading Trump to victory? She's a conservative, that's why. In this video Kellyanne Conway destroys Michelle Obama.

Get Over it, Michelle


Conway is a woman in a high paid, powerful position. She led President-elect Donald Trump's campaign to victory. I thought those were all things that Trump would never let a woman do. Oh that's right. That is just the lie that the liberal media is feeding you. Just like they are now feeding you the Russian hacker nonsense story. What Kellyanne Conway does so well is she holds these people accountable. She also holds Michelle Obama accountable.

If the liberal media really cared about women getting their due, they would be singing the praise of Kellyanne Conway and giving her the credit she deserves. If Barack Obama had a woman as his campaign manager he would be labeled as an activist. Just like Conway says, Michelle Obama and the left need to get over it and move on. They lost. President-elect Donald Trump and his campaign manager Kellyanne Conway made history. There is no other way to put it.

Best of all, Kellyanne has declined White House jobs because she has 4 children and wants to focus on them. Feminists are attacking her for it. Attacking her because she has family values. How sick is that?

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