Kellyanne Conway does her part when it comes to holding the left accountable. On the Sean Hannity Show, Kellyanne Conway calls out the left and asks, "Where are they on veterans healthcare?"

Kellyanne was actually being interviewed by guest host Eric Bolling. It is very clear that she is extremely frustrated by the Democrats effort to mischaracterize the repeal of Obamacare. The charged up Kellyanne fired a shot at the Democrats when she asked, “Where the hell were the Democrats when veterans were dying?" Also, Kellyanne was quick to remind Bolling that President Trump just signed the Veterans Choice Act last week. This act will allow veterans to access the private healthcare system if they are unable to get quality, timely healthcare while at a VA facility.

Kellyanne Conway Calls Out the Left

While the left continues to misrepresent the new healthcare bill, Kellyanne Conway does her job and makes sure everyone is clear on the repeal and replacement of Obamacare. While this is a work in progress, it is still a massive upgrade over the massive failure that is Obamacare.

Remember, the left gave zero credit to Trump for hiring a female campaign manager. Can you imagine how much of a media darling Kellyanne Conway would be if she was a liberal? Instead, she gets absolutely no credit, despite doing an amazing job.

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