Kellyanne Conway Burns the Dems After They Keep Their Losing Streak Alive

There was a heated Congressional race between Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff Tuesday. It took place in Georgia’s 6th district. It turned out to be the most expensive house race in United States history. There was over $50 million spent on the race, which was to replace Rep. Tom Price in the US House. In the end it didn’t matter. And Kellyanne Conway couldn’t help herself. Kellyanne Conway burns the Dems after the keep their losing streak alive.

Kellyanne Conway Burns the Dems

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The left appointed John Ossoff as their hopeful for Georgia. Funny thing about Ossoff is he has nine times as many donors from California as from Georgia. See, this wouldn’t be that big of a deal, but he is running for office in Georgia.

Despite all of the California money flowing in, this wasn’t enough money. Karen Handel crushed Jon Ossoff by almost 5%.

Democrats lose again, Nancy Pelosi

Sure, Ossoff had Hollywood donors such as Chelsea Handler and George Takei. She even had big-time celebrities like Jane Fonda, Sam Waterson and Kyra Sedgwick willing to donate their time to the campaign. Once again it was proven that the majority of the population does give a rat’s you know what about who Hollywood thinks they should vote for.

If you look back at Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign, she had incredible support from liberal Californians. She earned 22.49% of her campaigns total fundraising in California. That is a total of $132,137,278. It should come as no surprise that $49,224,731 of her donations came from residents located in the Los Angeles area. When you combine what she earned and spent during her campaign against Trump it totaled up to almost $1.2 billion. She did win California by a large margin. As a result, she won the popular vote. Luckily for us, California does not decide what the entire country gets.

President Trump is delivering on his promise of winning with this current winning streak by the Republican Party.

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