Keith Ellison’s Ex-Girlfriend Attacks Democrats for Sweeping Her Abuse Accusations Under The Rug

Keith Ellison’s ex-girlfriend levied sexual misconduct allegations at the Democrat. The funny thing is, no one on the left even blinks.

Karen Monahan claims that the representative who’s running for Minnesota’s Attorney General office dragged her off the bed and abused her in a fit of rage.

On Monday Monahan was asked if Democrats believed her when she came forward with these allegations:

Ellison brushed these allegations under the rug and kept going for the Minnesota Attorney General and even won the primary. Why aren’t the Democrats stepping up and taking this issue on?

Despite ignoring the allegations against Ellison, they are attacking Judge Brett Kavanaugh for allegations of something that happened 35 years ago from high school. Despite over 60 women vouching for the credibility of Kavanaugh, the left is still putting an assault on him.

The left claims to stand for women, but they want no part of defending this woman who was attacked by Ellison. Normally they praise women for bringing attention to such an issue, like they did in the #MeToo movement. Not when it doesn’t fit their agenda, for example, winning the Minnesota Attorney General election.

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