Kathy Griffin thought it was funny to bring some ISIS style humor to the United States. She's not laughing anymore. Kathy Griffin is finished after a venue cancels her 7th and final show.

She has already been terminated by CNN. This happened just hours after the disgusting photo was first published.

Since then Griffin has faced incredible backlash. CNN was pressured to fire Griffin and they had no choice but to do it. Also, Senator Al Franken cancelled his event with Griffin that was scheduled for this July.

That's not all, though. Word in that another venue has cancelled one of her events. If you are counting at home that makes seven venues who have cancelled on her since she unleashed her ISIS style sense of humor and beheaded President Trump.

Per TMZ:

We’ve learned Kathy’s concert at the Uptown Theatre in Napa scheduled for June 17 has been canceled. This follows 6 other cancelations, including bergenPAC in New Jersey which canceled hours before Kathy’s news conference.

The Uptown Theatre cancelation is especially significant because the decision was apparently made after she took the mic with her lawyer. The Uptown folks said on Wednesday the show would go on, but they clearly had a change of heart.

Kathy Griffin is Finished

Kathy Griffin is Finished

There are many lessons that can be learned from the idiot Kathy Griffin. One is there are consequences to free speech. While you are free to say whatever you want, there will always be consequences when you say or do something completely idiotic. Another thing is sometimes boycotts aren't even necessary. People will band together and decide they are not going to buy a product or go to a show of a certain performer. In this situation that's not even needed. In a matter of days it has been decided that Kathy Griffin is finished. The jury has spoke and her career is OVER.

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