As the Russian investigation moves along more and more people are expressing their dismay over it. Julian Assange weighed in and shredded Robert Mueller.

The Internet Research Agency determined that the Russians have spent thousand of dollars on their Facebook ads to grow their audiences. This is something that is very common and also something Facebook encourages. This is how Facebook earns their revenue and also how these businesses grow their audiences on Facebook.

The ads that were mentioned in Mueller's indictment had already been mentioned back in 2017 by the House Intelligence Committee.

Facebook already made it known that Russian ads made up .004% of their advertising during the election.

Julian Assange destroyed Robert Mueller on this point that the mainstream media completely passed on reporting.

Julian Assange: Buried in the Mueller astro-turfing indictment is something that we have long suspected. The Internet Research Agency’s “troll farm” is geared to develop audience in socially active communities (e.g through aligned memes), in order to spam them on behalf of anyone willing to pay.

Julian Assange: Before advertising networks can advertise they must build audience. How much of IRA’s activities were simply trying to build audience by gaining followers using tweets and memes likely to be shared in those communities?

Julian Assange: IRA allegedly also ran kitten appreciation groups. Are we also to believe that these kittens were also a plot to divide America? To not distinguish between audience building and customer advertising payload is sketchy.

Julian Assange: The US has 320 million people with a trillion dollar media and cultural sector that employees over a million people. I do not assess that it is possible whatsoever to divide America by trying to “heighten the differences” with a hundred trolls.

Julian Assange: Re-enforcing audience bias is exactly what Facebook & Google have been doing at a vast scale by algorithmically preying on people’s existing biases to increase engagement. In a more traditional manner, FOX, MSNBC, CNN, NYTimes, WaPO etc, are doing the same thing.

Julian Assange: Regardless of whether IRA’s activities were audience building through pandering to communities or whether a hare-brained Russian government plan to “heighten the differences” existed, its activities are clearly strategically insignificant compared to the other forces at play.

As usual, Julian Assange brings the fire.

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