Barack Obama failed this country with immigration. A judge appointed by Barack Obama granted release to an illegal immigrant MS-13 gang member.

A 17-year-old Honduran male who has not yet been publicly identified has admitted his ties to MS-13. The illegal immigrant admitted this when he handed himself over to Border Patrol. On top of that he admitted to selling drugs in the gang, being in a number of fights and observing murders. Though he did witness murders, he did not commit any, so at least he has that going for himself. He did admit to giving a false confession to a friend's murder because he "was nervous and felt guilty for not doing anything to help him," according to The Washington Post.

More per The Daily Wire:

His admission to being a gangbanger is why the federal government held the illegal in Virginia without a formal hearing since 2014; yet Judge Elizabeth Dillon ruled that he had to be released because holding him without a hearing supposedly violated his due process rights and "family unity." 

Dillon's decision could end up having a major impact, as the precedent might result in as many as "hundreds" of minors being released, according to the Post.

The illegal's story paints the picture of a kid in Honduras who was lured into MS-13 after one of its members protected him from bullies at schools and sold it to him as the family he needed. When MS-13 murdered his friend that had provided them that protection, he fled to the United States illegally and was caught at the border during the 2014 immigration wave. Now that he's released, he is finally reunited with his mother in Kentucky.

It's long been established that MS-13 is an incredibly dangerous gang. It is often referred to as one of the most violent gangs in the United States. How does it keep growing? By recruiting illegal immigrant minors. Barack Obama made it very easy for gang-involved minors into the United States, making it very easy for the gang to grow.

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