Jordan Peterson Exposes the Stupidity of Australian Feminist Politician

During a debate with Australian Labor Party politician Terri Butler, Jordan Peterson made a complete fool out of her. This debate went down while Peterson was part of a panel in Australia.

While they were debating Peterson said that women should not be slaved to their group identities. Somehow Butler took that statement and tried to paint Peterson as a sexist based on it. The way this went down she had to be rethinking her decision to take part in this panel.

First off, how awful is this lady? First, she claims she wants to have equality. Then, when Peterson goes for equality across the board, she suddenly doesn't want that. If she was a real feminine she would want equality. That's not what she wants. She wants to be above men.

Peterson is so right. If someone categorizes people's behaviors and their identity with a group that is not good. Many times people look at demographics to find patterns, which is one thing, but those demographics cannot be put ahead of individual rights.

Feminists want women to be CEOs, executive board members, etc. but they never complain about not getting jobs in the construction or sewage industry. They want to pick and choose their battles when it comes to equality.

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