This is absolutely despicable. John Oliver rips Mike Pence's daughter's children's book. Then to make it worse his followers spam the book's Amazon page with hateful garbage.

The book was written by Charlotte Pence, the daughter of VP Mike Pence. The illustrations in the book were done by Karen Pence, Mike Pence's wife. The book takes its readers on a lovely tour of the White House and Vice Presidential living quarters.

John Oliver Rips Mike Pence's Daughter's Children's Book

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So the Left decided it was a good idea to attack it and try to completely destroy it.

Per Daily Wire:

First, HBO comedian John Oliver released a book called A Day in the Life of Marlon Bundo, supposedly written by Marlon Bundo with Jill Twiss, and illustrated by EG Keller. That was designed as a slight against Pence; he launched into a rant about how Pence supposedly hates gay people, then said he would be releasing the competing book. This book is about homosexual rabbits: Marlon is gay and falls in love with Wesley while living at the Naval Observator. The bad guy: Stink Bug, who looks like Mike Pence.

But it wasn’t sufficient to launch a book specifically designed to target an innocent children’s book with propaganda about how Republicans hate gay people/rabbits. Oliver’s followers then went to the Amazon page for Charlotte Pence’s book and spammed it with one-star reviews.

John Oliver Rips Mike Pence's Daughter's Children's Book

This is what the left does. They hate the right so much that they are willing to attack children's literature because it was written by a conservative. The only relation Charlotte has to politics is her dad is a conservative, yet the left goes completely after her.

At least Amazon has limited her future reviews to verified purchasers. Which begs the question, why wasn't that policy in place? Why would someone who hasn't bought a product have the ability to review said product?

If you want to support Charlotte Pence and her apolitical children's book, click here.

Check out some of the reactions from Twitter:

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