The media has ramped up their attacks on Trump even more. It's nothing new, though. The mainstream media is doing what they can to destroy the conservative agenda. Colbert, Maher and the usual suspects are doing what they can to take down The Donald. Try as hard as they like, it's nothing making a bit of difference. Then there's John Oliver. He is bordering on insanity with his attacks on Trump. Now, John Oliver blasts Trump's tax cuts. Nothing new, that's what he does, he blasts Donald Trump's every move. One problem though, he used this exact tax cut to secretly purchase a $9.5 million apartment.

John Oliver Blasts Trump's Tax Cuts

John Oliver Blasts Trump's Tax Cuts, Gets Busted!

Take a look at this story per Observer:

“The hypocrisy really gets ratcheted up with John Oliver, the No. 1 darling to so many liberal anti-Trumpies, who regularly attacks GOP tax schemes as giveaways to the rich and detrimental to the poor. (Again, that’s an apt description, but they evinced less rage about Obama’s economic and tax policies, which also funneled money upward to an extreme degree.)

“For years, Oliver has criticized the estate tax, which defenders, in a smart linguistic move dreamed up by Frank Luntz, long ago labeled the ‘death tax’; and the tax code’s raft of loopholes that benefit special interests he identified as oil companies and hedge fund managers. Oliver even briefly established the bogus Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption to draw attention to tax-exempt status granted to churches and charities.

“Back in July 2014, in an episode in which he lamented the Wealth Gap in America” (which has resulted in the richest one percent of Americans controlling 20 percent of annual income), Oliver said, ‘At this point the rich are just running up the score…What sets America apart is that we are actively introducing policies that disproportionately benefit the wealthy,’ such as tax cuts and loopholes like trusts.

“So it’s a little surprising to discover that just months before, Oliver had a tax attorney set up two revocable trusts, one for him and one for his wife, to hide the couple’s purchase of a $9.5 million Manhattan penthouse. Then he used a tax loophole created by Donald Trump himself back in the 1970s, when the current president was merely a prominent New York real estate developer and aspiring celebrity author.”

John Oliver is a Pawn

This is nonthing new. A #NeverTrumper is not practicing what he preaches. Oliver is up in arms. He's rallying his liberal viewers against Trump, while he is using the exact move he is railing against.

How do liberal nuts like John Oliver still have fans and an audience? How can anyone with a brain support this guy? He's clearly a pawn that stands behind nothing he says. He says it to get ratings and viewers.

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