Say what you want about Joe Rogan, but he holds people accountable for the truth. That's why this Joe Rogan and Alex Jones podcast is so interesting.

Lots of interesting points made by both sides. Like I said, Joe Rogan holds people accountable. When Alex Jones goes on his incredible rants at 90 miles per hour, Joe Rogan makes him show evidence for his claims.

Once part of the video I found very interested was at the point where they showed where Fox News took something Alex Jones said completely out of context and used it to change the narrative of the story. The video below picks up at that exact point. Check it out.

At the beginning of the video, Alex Jones starts to talk about Podesta and pedophilia and how this terrible crime bands all of the people together. Here's a link to the Podesta emails. It's so despicable that they are all forced to band together and hide it. This is how shadow government happens. Again, at this point Joe Rogan tells him that he is using a lot of long sentences and moving very quickly and that he needs to slow it down.

Joe Rogan and Alex Jones Podcast

Regardless of what you think of the content in this video, who would have thought Joe Rogan and Alex Jones are close friends? Crazy, isn't it? The Joe Rogan and Alex Jones podcast really had me sucked in. Normally by the middle of a Rogan podcast I am ready to move on, but this one was great the whole way.

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