Joe Biden has been denying everything that everyone has thrown at him when it comes to his son Hunter and Burisma, and Joe's quid pro quo with Ukraine. But now he's at least admitted that there was a conflict of interest.

However, he's denying knowing that there was a conflict of interest. Instead, he's blaming his staff for not making him aware that there was one.

If he thinks that this is going to get him or his son off the hook he's wrong. I think though that if the staff did know about it then they would have said something to him to warn him. If they didn't know about it then he was keeping it on the down-low.

Maybe it just slipped Joe’s mind or he didn’t believe them but blaming your staffers for your political woes has to be one of the more pathetic excuses yet. Especially since Joe was seen bragging about getting the prosecutor investigating his son fire. I mean, come on.

During an interview, Biden insisted yet again his son did nothing wrong, even though Hunter admitted that he got paid big bucks to sit on a board solely because he was the son of the Vice President.

According to Fox News,

"Nobody warned me about a potential conflict of interest. Nobody warned me about that," Biden told NPR in a story posted Monday.

State Department official George Kent addressed this during his testimony as part of the impeachment inquiry of President Trump, acknowledging that he told staff members there was concern over the appearance of a conflict of interest, but that no one told the vice president because his older son Beau was suffering from what was ultimately a fatal battle with brain cancer.

"They should have told me," Biden says now. Hunter's dealings and the elder Biden's role ousting a prosecutor looking into Burisma are being used by Trump and his supporters against the now-2020 presidential candidate, even as Trump's effort to press for an investigation into that conduct has spurred the impeachment inquiry.

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