The United State will be a completely different place if Joe Biden wins the election in November. We cannot let that happen under and circumstances. This election is going to be the most fierce election of our lives.

But if Creepy Uncle Joe wins, you can expect some drastic changes from the very first day he gets into office.

On Biden's website, he says that he fully intends to not only “reverse all the damage Trump has done, but go further and faster.”

That’s right. Rather than the vague-sounding “Hope and Change” pitched by former President Obama, Biden’s campaign is more blunt: undo everything Trump has accomplished and go the opposite way even further and faster.

What Trump accomplishments are in view? Well, his website emphasizes Climate Change policies. Number one on the list deserves to be quoted in full:

“1) Take executive action on Day 1 to not just reverse all of the damage Trump has done, but go further and faster. Day 1 of the Biden Administration is going to be very busy! To immediately make progress on his climate agenda, Biden will take actions including requiring aggressive methane pollution limits for new and existing oil and gas operations; developing rigorous new fuel economy standards aimed at ensuring 100% of new sales for light- and medium-duty vehicles will be zero emissions and annual improvements for heavy duty vehicles; protecting America’s natural treasures by permanently protecting the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and other areas impacted by President Trump’s attack on federal lands and waters; and banning new oil and gas leasing on public lands and waters.”

To summarize, further restrict and put negative pressure on the oil industry by requiring unrealistic “aggressive” pollution limits on producers, require all light- and medium-duty vehicles be so-called “zero emissions” through higher fuel economy standards. Rather than being pro-worker, Biden is actively running on a platform which will certainly reduce jobs in the oil industry, raise transportation costs for all commuters, and all but drive out of existence already beleaguered auto makers, which provide stable livelihoods for thousands of Americans.

Other items on his climate-change list of goals include putting “us on an irreversible path to achieve economy-wide net-zero emissions no later than 2050” and making “environmental justice a priority across all federal agencies.” An “irreversible path” sure does sound like breaking things beyond repair.

This country is in for a rude awakening and things may get very bad if Biden wins.

Joe Biden | The Federalist

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