It has been very easy to tell which side of the fence CNN is on when it comes to the students grieving the Parkland shooting. The anti-gun students are being pushed as heroes. Not only are they heroes on CNN, but they are on the cover or magazines and getting credited as "heroes" and "starting a movement." Pro-gun Kyle Kashuv is a pro-gun student. He isn't getting nearly the attention or credit. In fact, Joan Walsh of CNN has went as far as "liking" tweets that target Kashuv personally. Check it out:

So how did Walsh respond? By insulting Kashuv of course and saying, "Good luck handling your stress."

On the other side, Laura Ingraham ripped anti-gun Parkland survivor David Hogg for being "whiny" about being rejected by colleges.  Which is worse? It's hard to say, but a dozen Leftist advertisers want Ingraham pulled off the air despite her very mild slap at Hogg.

Walsh has issued no apology and netiher has CNN.

Per Daily Wire:

Now, boycotts based on political perspective are stupid and counterproductive. But if we’re supposed to abide by a common set of rules, surely Walsh’s direct attack on a Parkland survivor means a boycott ought to be imminent. Here, according to Adweek, were the biggest advertisers on CNN for February:

Otezla $1.07M
T-Mobile $938K
Progressive $712K
Humira $690K
Nutrisystem $567K
BMW $511K
NordVPN $497K
AT+T $455K
GoodRx $444K

So, how about it, guys? Are you going to stand by and watch a Parkland survivor attacked by an on-air adult? Or, perhaps, should we all back off and realize that in political discourse, lots of little slaps take place — and that targeting advertisers who have nothing to do with those slaps merely destroys the entire business model for the news media?

It's very interesting to see how the different stances on gun control are handled by the media. Ingraham has been made a public villain while Walsh seems to be skating by without much mention of her attacking this young man.

Kudos to Kyle Kashuv for calling her out.

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