A late night host finally said something hilarious. Only problem is he wasn't trying to be funny. Jimmy Kimmel says all late night shows are liberal because it requires "intelligence."

As you are probably aware, Kimmel has embraced the role of the Leader of the Late Night #Resistance. Not long ago he invited a porn star onto his show. One who had accused Trump of paying her for her services. Too bad the adult film actress came clean and admitted she was lying before she even made it on Kimmel's show.

You know Ben Shapiro couldn't just sit by idly while this went down. He took to Twitter to respond to the "intelligent" Jimmy Kimmel bashing conservatives.

As Shapiro points out there is plenty of flawed logic in Kimmel's line of thinking. Per Daily Wire:

First, all of the late night hosts are straight white males. Presumably, Kimmel doesn’t think that the requirement for intelligence excludes those who are non-straight, non-white, and non-male. Also, the dean of late night hosts is Jay Leno, a Republican; does that mean he’s dumb? If so, Kimmel will have to explain how Leno dominated late night for so many years.

Finally, when one thinks of positions that require serious intelligence, late night host usually doesn’t make the list. Kimmel literally reads lines written for him by others; his intellectual credentials stretch all the way back to being a sidekick on "Kevin and Bean" on KROQ in Los Angeles, followed by a stretch as host of “The Man Show” — alongside Kimmel’s longtime friend, libertarian Adam Carolla. Presumably, Kimmel does not think Carolla is a dummy. And presumably, Kimmel wouldn’t find his antics on that show indicative of higher intelligence requiring a particular political viewpoint.

So how intelligent is Kimmel? Let's look at some examples.

Remember when he became a champion of the #MeToo movement? Well, this video came back to haunt him.



Here is when he tried to break out the anti-Trump porno star move that backfired big-time. Nice try, Jimmy!

Yeah these late night hosts scream "intelligence" don't they? Every time this fool tries to get political he just looks dumber and dumber. Good thing he has an audience of brainwashed sheep that continue to drink the Kimmel kool-aid.


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