Former Republican Senator Jeff Flake appeared on Monday’s broadcast of CBS’s “This Morning.” During the episode he declared that Republican lawmakers only support Trump because they are afraid to lose their job.

Sounds to me like Flake is really living up to his name.

“It’s difficult because they want to keep their jobs, and the president is extremely popular among Republican primary voters,” the never-Trumper explained, “That is a subset of a subset of a subset. They are are those who decide who represent the party and the general election.”

“I did speak up,” he continued, “I decided that, you know, I would have to condone behavior I couldn’t condone or accept positions that I couldn’t accept if I wanted to win reelection. That’s why I didn’t run.”

Flake then reminded fellow GOP lawmakers that Trump will not be president forever.

“This president won’t be there forever,” he concluded, “He’ll either be gone by this time next year or four years from now. Then what happens to the Republican Party? My fear is people out there know that even if this is not an impeachable offense, that the president did something wrong and for Republicans to maintain that he didn’t is just wrong. And this has long term ramifications for the party if we act as if we are just devoted to the president no matter what and this cult of personality we’ve seen. We certainly saw it in the House.”

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