Jay Bilas of ESPN Downplays Sister Jean’s Power of Prayer

Oh look, ESPN is taking a far left stance again. If you’ve followed the NCAA Tournament, you know the feel good story of Sister Jean and Loyola Chicago in the Final Four. Everyone is loving it. Except Jay Bilas of ESPN.

If you’re not familiar with Jay Bilas, he’s a long-time college basketball analyst for ESPN. The former Duke guard has declared war on the NCAA. He believes that college basketball players are being “exploited” and being taken advantage of by the NCAA. While there are certainly holes in the way college athletics are being ran, these kids have the choice whether or not they want to play sports in exchange for a free education worth over six figures.

Now that Loyola Chicago has made a Cinderella run to the Final Four, it has brought Sister Jean to the forefront. She is getting loads of attention after every game. The 97-year-old is having the time of her life and it makes for great television. According to Fr. Garanzini at Loyola Chicago, Sister Jean is “better known and more loved than anyone else on campus.”

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Obviously, being a nun at a Catholic University and church, prayer is a part of what Sister Jean does. Whether or not Jay Bilas believes in prayer, why can’t he have the respect to just leave it alone? Instead he takes to Twitter to downplay the role prayer played in the success of Loyola Chicago. Why? So he can push his agenda that college basketball players are being exploited.

This response to Bilas’ tweet, in particular, really hit the nail on the head. Check it out.

We get it, Jay. You think college basketball players are exploited. You make a really great case for that to be the case. But just this time can you let it be about Loyola Chicago, Sister Jean and these young men who are having the time of their lives?

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