The mainstream media has been on attack mode since President Donald Trump took office. Everything he says and does is picked apart.

The latest thing the media is outraged over is the "zero tolerance" border policy. This policy is based on court precedent that was set in 1997 and clarified in 2016. The ruling was that illegal immigrant families who are temporarily separated when detained and processed following their illegal entry into the country.

This policy has been compared to actions of the Nazis. The media has even suggested that Trump has taken delight into the families being split up and the children being sent to something similar to a "concentration camp."

One of the publications that targeted Trump was TIME Magazine. The magazine that surely loves to target Trump, as they've done many times before. The magazine cover featured Trump looking down smugly at a crying illegal immigrant girl who had been detained at the border with her mother.

The media is ignoring the fact that this policy of separating families at the border did not start with the Trump administration.

Conservative actor and patriot James Woods took to Twitter to show off his modified version of the TIME Magazine cover. It shows Obama walking away from another problem that Trump is going to address.

There was another part of the story TIME passed on reporting, per the Washington Examiner:

An Associated Press report on Thursday detailed a lawsuit wherein a juvenile detention center for illegal immigrants was accused of neglect and abuse of its detainees. The AP report initially neglected to note, however, that the alleged abuse began while President Barack Obama was in office.

The original story said multiple teens have accused Shenandoah Valley Juvenile Center near Staunton, Va., of forcing them to be "handcuffed and locked up for long periods in solitary confinement, left nude and shivering in concrete cells."

It also said many of the accusers, including the plaintiff, identified as 17-year-old Mexican "John Doe," suffer from mental health issues, some or all of which began after they were placed in the detention center.

As usual, the left slings mud at President Trump and don't paint the entire picture. They just give enough details to fire up their base.

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