James Woods Destroys Starbucks, Twitter Responds

Starbucks recently shut down 8,000 of their cafes so their baristas and managers could learn about their “unconscious bias” and how to keep them from causing microaggressions. Starbucks is now trying to be “color brave” instead of “color blind.” In response, James Woods destroys Starbucks.

So what caused all of this? It’s hard to even remember at this point. Two black men were loitering. When they refused to leave, the Starbucks manager called the police. As a result, Starbucks has told the world about their “unconscious bias” training and also announced a new policy: you are allowed to hang out in the store without making a purchase.

On Wednesday, James Woods took to Twitter to share an account of what a Starbucks exec described as the model response to an unruly customer:

It was business as usual with a James Woods tweet: it set the internet ablaze. Check out some of the responses:

Instead of taking on the heat for kicking out two “customers” who weren’t buying anything, the far left coffee company has decided to reformat the way their stores run. This is complete insanity.

It’s good we have someone like James Woods to point out how absurd this is.

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