James Woods Asks For Photo Evidence Obama Attended Columbia, Twitter Explodes

Patriot James Woods can trigger the left like few can. Well, he’s does it again. James Woods asks for photographic evidence of Obama attending Columbia University. As a result, Twitter erupts. The responses were absolutely hilarious.

The records of Barack Hussein Obama are still sealed, so we don’t know what kind of grades he made or anything about the papers he wrote.

To compound the issue, there are many people who attended Columbia University at the same time he did and have zero recollection of seeing him on campus or having any classes with him.

Barack Obama young

James Woods decided it was time to investigate this further. He took to Twitter to see if anyone could provide photographic evidence that he was a student at Columbia.

There were some incredible responses.

Finally, someone steps forward with some proof. Wait, what?

Whether or not you believe in the conspiracy theories about Barack Obama, it’s very interesting that no one was able to produce photographic proof of him attending Columbia University. If you are able to find someone who posted proof or have proof, please contact us.

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