During ESPN's First Take on Wednesday, Jalen Rose of ESPN pushed for Colin Kaepernick to be NFL Man of the Year. Even worse, he compared the kneeling Kaepernick does during the anthem to Tebow kneeling to pray.

Then there's another side of the argument when it comes to Kaepernick getting the NFL Man of the Year award. The award is based on the performance of players on and off the field. There is zero performance for Kaepernick on the field, which should eliminate him from consideration, which it did. Even the far left NFL realizes that Kaepernick should go nowhere near this award.

Watch the video.

Why can't these NFL analysts realize that kneeling during the anthem is a massive sign of disrespect to our country and our military. You can't refuse to stand during the national anthem, which by the way is a tribute to our troops and our country, and then dictate how people are going to feel about it. People have already expressed how they feel. They are disgusted that these pampered millionaires, who get paid to play a game, are disrespecting our country and our military.

It's amazing Jalen Rose can keep a straight face while he argues Kaepernick kneeling during the anthem is similar to Tebow kneeling to pray. Tim Tebow wasn't kneeling while a song was playing to pay respect to something specific like Kaepernick was.

Here is a false equivalency that HuffPo tried to push with the story:

When Tim Tebow knelt on the sidelines of a football game in a defiant and public act of faith during his years as an N.F.L. quarterback, he was adored as a darling of the American church. When Colin Kaepernick knelt before games in protest of police brutality, he received death threats, was called a "traitor" and eventually, left unsigned by the NFL.

Why doesn't the NFL, ESPN or any of the liberal media that it is not okay to kneel during the anthem and disrespect our military and great nation? How far do their ticket sales and ratings need to plummet before they figure it out? I don't think they ever will.

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