With "LGBT Pride Month" firing up in June, J. Crew markets a gay pride, rainbow-themed clothing line to small children. The collection features t-shirts, socks, and a tote bag that has phrases such as "love first" and "love to all."

Per LifeSiteNews, many of the items feature a "rainbow motif, while others are adorned with the logo and the color scheme of the left-wing lobbying group Human Rights Campaign, to whom the company is donating 50% of the items’ purchase price."

The clothing is able to be worn by children as young as two, according to their product page:

Per Daily Wire:

To fully honor "Pride Month," J. Crew will set aside a whole Saturday on June 9 so customers can "[g]et ready for a parade or just come in and share the love with free flags, temporary tattoos and so much more!"

Recently, J. Crew partnered with the progressive online shirt retailer Prinkshop to offer "I am a feminist too" T-shirt for children as young as two.

Many LGBT activists have praised the campaign. Others, such as Commentary Magazine’s Sohrab Ahmari, have called it "repugnant" to "frame children at that age as sexual and sexualized beings, whatever the orientation."

Interesting stuff. J. Crew is pushing gay pride to young children. Is this really even a surprise?

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